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BFF or Die

Update: We're removing the downloads to the old prototypes for now. The new version we're working on is looking and playing much bettter..! We'll upload it when we're ready.

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BFF or Die is an award winning tactical-action-puzzler for up to 4 players. When four alien flunkouts from the Intergalactic Time Academy go joyriding in a faulty ChronoCrosser, they soon find themselves trapped in Ancient Egypt, with nothing to defend themselves but cunning, cooperation and camaraderie!

To avoid the dangers that lurk in the labyrinths all players need to work together! Each member of the team controls a different ability - lights, decoys, teleportation and more; teammates must combine their skills strategically if they're going to escape alive!

Fun for one, funner for four. It's the ultimate buddy cop movie! It's no child left behind! It's... BFF or Die!

Local Co-op

1-4 players.
Control pads or keyboard control.
Choice of shared control pads (two players per pad) or one pad per player.
Shared keyboard - two characters on the keyboard.

Get Involved

BFF or Die is still in development. It's now at a stage where it's a lot of fun to play but there are still things to add and change.

If you like multiplayer party games with original gameplay and would like to provide feedback that shapes the game then download and get involved :)

You can message us by:

Email: BFF [at] honeytribestudios.com

Twitter: @HoneyTribeStu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoneyTribeStudios

You can also see the updates and read more details on the web site:



Project started: Feb 2014

Shaz Yousaf: Game Design & Audio

Andrzej (Anj) Zachera: Programming

Alicher (Alex) Baynazarov: Art & Animation

Update History


Bug fix: Blocks no longer get stuck. Push them around all you like.

Bug fix: Sleeping mummies can no longer knock you through the floor if they fall asleep on you.

Bug fix for windows: Ok, *this* time we really did fix that annoying control pad bug where the trigger from one pad interferes with another.

The Mac version and Linux version are universal binaries so will work on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines. There are separate builds for 32 bit and 64 bit for Windows.

Bug fix for windows: multiple control pads work as they should without conflicting.

Hint screens replaced.
Level 5 adjusted.
A couple of sound effects fixed.

Bug fix: Using multiple control pads at the same time now work as they should.
Levels 2 and 5 adjusted to be a bit more fun.
Extra visual feedback on wall changes
Lev 10: bug fix on tutorial pop up in multiplayer.


New textures, new effects, new details.
Bug fix, can't end up "flying" now. Sorry.
Adjusted the distance characters need to be from each other to high five at level-end.
Adjusted level 3.

Adjusted the distance characters need to be from each other to finish a level.
New graphics for switches.
Energy orb movement: slight adjustment.
Bug fix for mac: choosing a resolution size smaller than your monitor no longer results in graphics having unusually dark colours.


Tutorials improved for single player mode

Level 14 adjusted


Bug fix: Grabber can now pick up things in the base.


Bug fix: Energy orb movement and decoy trail corrected.


Character animations!
First iteration of 1-player mode.
New visual effects.
Shiny new 3d menu :)
Now 35 levels.
Levels 3, 4, 13, 14, 33 & 34 are new.
Existing levels have been modified and/or rearranged.
Learning curve is improved.
Bug fix: Dead players can't revive each other.
Teleport drone controls adjusted. Yes, again. Now easier to fly.
Grabber adjusted. Easier to pick up.
Adjusted difficulty curve.
Various changes/fixes.


There are now 30 levels. New levels: 2,3,14,20,27,29
Existing levels adjusted and/or rearranged
New almost-level-end surprises :)
Improved tutorials.
A few new sound effects.
Recharge time on zap power adjusted, now a couples seconds faster.
Mummy speeds adjusted, faster on some levels, slower on others.
Teleport drone controls adjusted. Again. Now even easier to fly.
Grabber and Teleport Drone targets adjusted - easier to aim.
Can't high five through walls to finish the level.
Can't collect energy orbs when dead.
Fix for the anti-grav box. No more accidental cheating!
No more infinite death-revival loop!
Various other fixes/adjustments.


Now there are 25 levels.
Levels 11,14, 20, 23 & 24 are new. Existing levels are adjusted and re-arrranged.
Flying the teleport drone feels easier and less drunken.
The Grabber now drops objects immediately when exiting it.
New 'in-world' graphics for all 3 machine power gauges.
New lightning effects. Also, darkness increased.
Ghosts no longer get stuck on outside walls or the space machine.
Stuff added to main menu including an update alert.
Story text added/adjusted.
In-game instruction text for the anti-grav box.
Bug fix: you can't end up flying anymore, sorry!
Mouse curser hidden - useful if you're video capturing!
Various other changes and fixes.


New graphics , new menus, new tutorials, improved Grabber controls, improved Teleport Drone controls, bug fix for teleports, bug fix for stun bombs, non-completed levels now locked, completed level info saved locally, various fixes.

v0.17 New graphics

v0.16 New graphics, gameplay fixes, new sounds.

v0.15 Levels updated.

v0.14 Fix for control pad.

v0.13 New levels, new puzzles, intro level images, various fixes.

v0.12 Various fixes.

v0.11 Various fixes.

v0.01 - v0.10 Not public.

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